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Retirement of a 13 year old Kitbag

Derick Macleod from the Isle of Lewis has announced that his blue Montrose Rope and Sail kitbag is going into retirement after racking up an impressive 13 years of offshore service. It has done many a trip to Brazil, Mozambique and it’s last couple of years were spent back and forth from Tanzania, as well as the odd trip to Norway, Aberdeen and exotic Peterhead.

Derick is certain that he will get as many years service out of his new orange Jura kit bag from Montrose Rope and Sail. He admitted that there was still plenty of life left in his old kitbag and he thought long and hard about his decision to replace it but is already making plans about how to fill his new one.

“These kitbags are built to last. My old blue kitbag seems to have been around for such a long time. That’s because it has been. We’ve had 13 wonderful years together and travelled the world!”


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