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A Time To Reflect | Adapting To Survive

A Time To Reflect | Adapting to Survive

Between 1940 and 1970, there was a significant period of change at Montrose Rope and Sail. As rope making ceased during the 1940’s, we started to seek new markets that our products would be suited too. It was during this time that the first lorry covers were made using traditional materials like coated canvas which would have been sourced locally.

Between 1940 and 1970 saw the introduction of newer modern materials, like the PVC that we use today. We continue to use traditional materials alongside our tried and tested selected PVC’s for specific markets which allows us to produce our robust high quality products suitable for the outdoors.

We came across this quote by Mary Chalmers recently which we think sums up Montrose Rope and Sail:

“Montrose Rope and Sail were noted as “a company who have survived many significant industrial changes and two world wars as they adapt their output to changing needs”
(Mary Chalmers, 1970)”

Today we are well known for hand manufacturing our robust offshore bags and tarpaulin covers. What words do you resonate with Montrose Rope and Sail?

Stay Safe + Stay Well

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