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A Time To Reflect | Oil + Gas

A Time To Reflect | Oil + Gas

With the introduction of new materials in the 1970’s, like the tried and tested waterproof materials we use today, we grew into the Oil and Gas markets supplying bespoke tarpaulin covers for equipment and our offshore bags.

Our first Offshore kit bag was a similar version to the ‘Offshore Kit bag’ we still sell today, but it’s had a few improvements since the first one. In the 1980’s, Neil, our Managing Director, was asked by a friend if we could make him a kit bag to go offshore with to keep his belongings dry. Using our waterproof PVC materials we made one, it went offshore and we got good reports!

Since then, we’ve made a name for ourselves in North Sea Oil and Gas and over the last forty years, countless offshore workers have come to depend on us for their specialised kitbags, backpacks, industrial covers and other equipment they need to enable them to do their jobs safely and skilfully.

Check out out photos this week of some of the work which we have done in this market area over the years, including our covers and bags.

Do you use one of our products for travelling offshore?

Stay Safe + Well

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