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A Time To Reflect | The Paton Family

A Time to Reflect | The Paton Family

We have little information of the company from which it first established in 1789, until the late 1890’s, when it first entered into the Paton Family. Around the 1890’s records show that there were four partners of Montrose Rope and Sail, one of which was James Paton.

In the early 1900’s the Paton Family, became the sole owners of Montrose Rope and Sail, when James Paton took over the company and later his two sons came into the business. Montrose Rope and Sail is still owned and run by the Paton family today.

Take a look through some of the old pictures we do have from the past of family members and staff, and a picture of our current MD Neil Paton and family prospective succession plan 🙂

We hope that you are all staying safe + well

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