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Kit Bag Comparison: Offshore + Jura Outdoor Kit Bag

Kit Bag Comparison: Offshore + Jura Outdoor Kit Bag

We often get asked the difference between our different kit bags, so we thought we’d put together some information comparing some of our different Kit Bags exploring the differences between them. In this first post in the series we’re looking at our Offshore Kit Bag (Medium) and our Jura Outdoor Kit Bag 24″.

Our Offshore Kit Bag (Medium) is our best-selling all weather Kit Bag for, as the name suggests, those travelling offshore! This no nonsense Kit Bag is great for those travelling facing outdoor elements carrying the essentials for their trip. In addition to being great for work, the spacious 54-litre capacity makes this Kit Bag a great weekend bag for adventurers carrying equipment too!
Our Jura Outdoor Kit Bag 24″ is slightly larger with a capacity of 61-litres and has some extra design features that the Offshore Kit Bag doesn’t have.

Our Jura Outdoor Kit Bag 24″ was the first of our newly designed holdalls when we launched our Kit Bags to everyone instead of them just being available to Oil and Gas companies. Named after one of our beautiful Scottish Islands, Jura, on the West Coast of Scotland, The Jura Outdoor Kit Bag is too built to withstand the elements outdoors, like our Offshore Kit Bag, but it’s also great for expeditions around the world. At a first glance there are some notable differences between the two products. Our Offshore Kit Bag has more of a square shaped end, whereas our Jura Outdoor Kit Bag has more of a rounded off end.

Both our Offshore Kit Bag and Our Jura Outdoor Kit Bag are easily accessible with a double lockable zip, which is in a horse-shoe shape on both products. This means that both products open up allowing you great access to your belongings. The lid can open and fold over the bag of the bag allowing you to use both hands and pick out what you need from the inside.

One of the slight differences between the two products is that the double lockable zip on our Jura Outdoor Kit Bag is covered by our waterproof materials, meaning there is slightly more protection to your belongings on the inside. The zip on the Offshore Kit Bag is exposed to the elements whereas with the Jura Outdoor Kit Bag it is covered. See below to see more detail.

Both the Offshore Kit bag and the Jura Outdoor Kit Bag have an adjustable shoulder strap sewn in to the ends of the bag, alongside carry handles made with our tough and durable webbing that are sewn by our team on to the body of the bag and secure underneath. These straps also have a velcro closure so that the straps can stay neat and not get caught on anything.

Another feature differentiating the two products is that on the Jura Kit Bag there is grab handles on either end, meaning that you can quickly grab your bag off the luggage carousel or off a roof rack if you are adventuring in the hills with a vehicle.

Both products have a transparent ID holder which means you can easily make sure the right bag is yours. They also have a passport pocked on the front below the label allowing you quick access, or why not put any small items you need easy access to in there!

Both the Offshore Kit Bag and our Jura Outdoor Kit Bag are available in a range of colours with our eponymous contrasting black webbing, piping and zips – you’ll be able to see this coming along the luggage carousel in no time, as well as be protected from the elements outdoors on our adventures outside.


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