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Image shows a red Montrose Bag on ice, with a hammer for outdoor swimming.

Open Water Swimming: Beyond the Water

We spoke to Sarah from Beyond the Water recently about all things open water swimming after we saw on social media that she uses one of our kit bags to take with her. Sarah is an open water swim coach based in Aviemore, Scotland.

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Montrose Rope and Sail ‘Vintage’ Tarpaulin Cover

We were recently sent this picture of an old tarpaulin cover from a customer of ours! We reckon that this one was first manufactured back in the late 1980’s. In extremely good condition, this tarpaulin really does show how our products withstand the Scottish outdoors.

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Custom made PVC bags - Montrose Bag Company

Your Bespoke Montrose Bags: Miniatures transport case

We were approached by a customer who was looking for a good way to transport Wargame Miniatures. There are various products on the market for transporting miniatures, but none quite suited their needs.

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